Meet Wyanne!

Wyanne Smallboy-Wesley

Indigenous Regional Community Development Lead and Facilitator

Further Education Society


Wyanne Smallboy-Wesley is a proud Iyethka Neweyo woman from the Chiniki First Nation. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Operations from Devry University, and as the only person in the Bighorn Reserve with a university degree, she is passionate about promoting education to the youth of her reservation. Before giving birth to her son, Wyanne worked as the Director of Operations with her band, the Chiniki Band. In this role, she was responsible for overseeing the band’s operations, including finance, human resources, and community engagement. Through her work with the Chiniki Band, Wyanne gained valuable experience in leadership and management, and her contributions helped to improve services and support for the community. After leaving her position as Director of Operations, Wyanne founded Loon Company, an Indigenous consultancy that bridges Indigenous knowledge and skills. The company specializes in Indigenous literacy to English literacy, providing education products and services to companies, NGOs, and educational institutions that collaborate with Indigenous knowledge. Loon Company also creates educational Indigenous content and products, providing content development for educational programming and job readiness training. In addition to Loon Company, Wyanne also created the “Cook with Stone” program, which supports Stoney youth in training them in culinary arts and helps them integrate into the workforce. The program is in its third year and was showcased at the London UK Canada Day. Wyanne is also a mentor and guide to educators, supervisors, HR, facilitators, and creatives, providing them with training and guidance on incorporating Indigenous knowledge and culture into their work. She is a navigator to the community for partnerships in programming and facilitating, engaging with Elders and knowledge keepers, and providing Indigenous resources. Wyanne’s dedication to promoting education and empowering Indigenous communities is truly inspiring. Her work with Loon Company and other initiatives will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Stoney community and beyond. As an Indigenous woman and a successful business owner, Wyanne is a role model for Indigenous youth and a strong advocate for Indigenous culture and empowerment. 

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