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Wade Pluchinske
Sigfusson Northern
Vice President of Business Development & Corporate Strategy

As the Vice President of Business Development & Corporate Strategy with Sigfusson Northern, Wade Pluchinske has developed a proven track record working with multi-million-dollar projects within the heavy civil and general contracting lines of business. These projects consist of mine development, roads, bridges, sewer and water, hospitals, schools, water treatment plants, and many more. With his 18+ years at Sigfusson Northern, Wade continuously develops partnerships, coordinates with trades, and builds rapport with all vendors, project staff, and clients. By leading the development and implementation of numerous joint ventures and partnerships with Indigenous communities, Wade has helped Sigfusson Northern and their partners successfully complete major infrastructure projects all throughout Canada. These projects have created tremendous economic benefits for local communities where the project was completed. Wade continues to establish successful and long-term partnerships with the Indigenous communities and ensures he is consistently promoting their value within the construction industry. 


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