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Travis Meguinis
Natural Law X

Travis Meguinis- Old Man Yellow Sky, Windyboy, Walking Buffalo 

Travis Meguinis is from the Tsuut’ina Nation raised with grass roots and Catholic beliefs from his parents. He is very proud to acknowledge his maternal Cree bloodlines from the Saddle lake Cree Nation (mother) as well as Samson Cree Nation from his late grandmother Emily Meguinis. He is the son of Shirley Meguinis(Pasquayak) and the late Harvey Meguinis along with his siblings, his late eldest brother Vincent and his younger sister Janil. Travis is a proud father to his baby girl where they make their home on the west-end of the Tsuut’ina Nation where he proudly grew up. 

He comes from a family who was taught by their grandmothers and grandfathers the value of traditional teachings. He tries his best as a traditional piercing sundance man to incorporate traditional values with contemporary ways of life. Travis is a former pro hockey player who was part of many elite hockey associations. He was elected as a minor Chief for his nation but has the hereditary bloods lines in our own sovereign hereditary traditions. In the Indian act leadership process he was elected and re-elected at a very young age and was one of the ones to have accomplished this as a young leader.  Travis has followed in his late father’s footsteps (not just in leadership but Policing) where he worked as a Police Commissioner for Tsuut’ina Nation also the National First Nation Police Commission where he sat for 2-3 yrs with other Great Leaders to represent Treaty 7 like past Siksika Chief Siksika, Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman. He has been given the greatest traditional rights from many different Nations, but through Sacred Sacrifices in our Natural Laws. He made sure he was not just given but earned the rights. He also held the President and General Manager positions of Energy and Oil companies for various First Nations including Tsuut’ina and held Band Manager/CEO Positions for a number different Tribes. 

Travis is a proud supporter of preserving First Nations traditional teachings. He is a supporter of empowering women’s initiatives in leadership by sharing Transfers/knowledge and teachings to them. Travis also believes in creating a better life for the children and to ensure we leave behind something great for our childrens children so they would be proud of and will continue to grow because our children are our most valuable resource and greatest gift from our Creator to love and care for, furthermore our brothers & sisters of creation the ones who fly, swim, walk, and grow. Its our responsibility to live in harmony with all Creation. 

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