The Future Is Youth
About the panel:

Today’s youth represent the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. They are among Canada’s most precious human resources and will one day inherit the emerging opportunities and unsolved social and economic challenges we face today. Leading off the Summit will be a panel discussion by four exciting Indigenous youth who will share their goals and expectations of Industry as they prepare their life path towards future careers. Indigenous youth bring to the table a unique and unfiltered view of the world around them, therefore it is critical that their voice is part of any discussions around economic reconciliation.

Throughout the entirety of the conference, 25 Indigenous high school youth from the Calgary Board of Education will join Forward Summit and actively engage in roundtable discussions following a three-day land-based cultural experience with Actua.

“It’s essential that we create space for Indigenous youth to participate in national conversations about economic reconciliation if we hope to establish the sustained momentum needed to address and correct the growing economic gap existing between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians... I am certain the lived experiences, insights and unique outlooks of our 2023 Forward Summit Youth Delegation will provide inspiration and hope to all industry partners and conference participants in attendance.”

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Colby Delorme

Colby Delorme

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