Summit Voices

Peter Salusbury

Senior Vice President, Practice Services
Stantec Consulting Ltd.
Peter Salusbury

Peter has a long career in senior management positions in the professional architectural and engineering business.  He has been a Chief Operating Officer of one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies and is currently the Senior Vice President, Practice Services at Stantec.   Peter responsibilities include Stantec’s ISO certified management systems, project management practices & systems, the creativity and innovation program including research and development, professional practice standards, and for practice-focused technology. Peter was formerly the SVP of Human Resources at Stantec and in that role initiated the first Diversity & Inclusion objectives in Stantec’s strategic business plan.

Peter has dedicated his career to building and promoting strong employee focused organizational cultures with an emphasis on employment equity and engagement, talent development, and strategic workforce management.  Peter was responsible for helping develop and support Stantec’s first Emerging Leaders Program in Vancouver and continues to mentor young professionals and leaders

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