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Guy Lonechild

First Nations Power Authority
FW_Guy Lonechild_LC

Guy Lonechild is a well-known advocate for enabling growth and opportunities for First Nation communities and serves as Chief Executive Officer of First Nations Power Authority. Mr. Lonechild has served Saskatchewan First Nations in elected positions, administrative capacities, and as a private management consultant. He holds an Associate Degree in Business Management from San Diego, California and is completing work on an MBA in Community Economic Development at Cape Breton University. His research in, ‘MobilizingAboriginal Wealth: Development Corporations and the Prosperity Opportunity in Canada’, serves to inform the First Nations, academic, and business community in emerging trends in AEDC development.

Delivering financial management, governance, & government relations since 2011 Private Consultant to First Nations, Industry, and Public Agencies FSIN Chief, Vice-Chief, and Chairperson in several Saskatchewan First Nation Portfolios Band Administration brings a unique set of skillsets to lead FNPA, an organization he helped initiate in 2011.

Mr. Lonechild led a number of taskforces, development programs, and initiatives to enable good governance, change management, and growth and renewal of First Nations and enterprises in Canada

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