Sheryl-Ann Carscadden

Founder and Owner

Sundance Source Consulting

Meet Sheryl-Ann:

Sheryl-Ann (SAS) WAAKSISTO AAKII “Courageous Lady” is Cree, a Member of the Metis Nation of Alberta, and a graduate of Banff Centre’s Indigenous Leadership, Strategy and Management Program.  She is the Founder and Owner of Sundance Source Consulting, an Indigenous Led Consulting Practice. She is currently working with multiple interest holders to build an Indigenous Gathering Place in Calgary.  SAS has worked with Nations, Corporations, and Universities to develop and deliver Inclusivity, Belonging, and Unconscious Bias Programs and Initiatives.  Through these contributions, she has been recognized, nominated, and received The Governor General of Canada Award.  She attended Harvard, Western, McGill, and The University of Alberta.  Most important to her, is her lived experience as an Indigenous Person and her dedication to supporting and leading not only parallel ways – but also braiding these ways together for strength in ethical space.  

“I believe that to truly reconcile relations in Canada, we need to build bridges and find common ground in our collective understanding of the past and the present.  It is through deep listening that mutual respect is demonstrated. Through this, we can create a healthy future to be enjoyed by the next 7 generations.  I want to contribute, lead, and support these efforts by collaborating to move forward in a good way by honoring the past, contributing to the present, and planning for the future.”  

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