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Sharon Sawchuk
Rupertsland Institute
Director, Metis Training to Employment Program

Sharon Sawchuk is the Director of the Metis Training to Employment Program at Rupertsland Institute.  Sharon has worked with the Metis Nation of Alberta since 2003 when she joined the Metis Nation of Alberta Labour Market Program which evolved into Rupertsland Institute: A Métis Centre of Excellence in 2010.   

Sharon holds years of experience working in Indigenous community development, program design and leading initiatives that stive to close the employment and education gap for Indigenous people. Most notably, Sharon and her team have partnered with organizations within Alberta, creating a unique program to support Metis Entrepreneurs and in turn support the economy in Alberta.   

Born in Lone Rock, Saskatchewan with strong Metis roots originating from the Metis Homeland, Sharon has built a reputation for building capacity and creating transformational change in Indigenous communities, organizations, and people. Sharon currently lives in Edmonton with her husband where they enjoy time with their family, golfing and spending time at their cabin in Saskatchewan. 

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