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Shannon Pestun


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Shannon is a proud Cree Métis woman entrepreneur and courageous leader who is breaking barriers to advance an inclusive and sustainable economy. Recognized for creating innovative funding models and solutions that challenge the status quo, Shannon is one of Canada’s most sought-after finance consultants and a trusted voice on women’s entrepreneurship for educators, government, industry and the media. She was one of the first women in the country to lead a women’s banking strategy and one of seven women appointed to serve on Canada’s women entrepreneurship expert panel. Shannon is the Co-founder of The Finance Cafe, the CEO of Pestun Consulting and the Senior Advisor for Business and Finance for Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub. Shannon is committed to bolstering Indigenous economic prosperity and wellness by driving regional economic growth and bringing an Indigenous-centred approach to her work. In 2020, she created the Gifting Circle Bursary for Indigenous women entrepreneurs, the first community-funded bursary that supports Indigenous women who pursue entrepreneurship.

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