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Sarah Skett
CMR Consulting
Sustainability Reporting & Community Development

Sarah is a sustainability and community development specialist with fifteen years of experience in research and project design, socioeconomic assessment and reporting, and community consultation and engagement in more than 15 developed and developing countries. She is driven by her passion to collaborate with organizations, local leaders and their communities to build meaningful and lasting partnerships that allow her to better understand and address their needs, and to build strategies that foster mutually beneficial projects, capacity building, and sustainable growth. Sarah has experience working with vulnerable, at-risk, and culturally diverse groups, Indigenous and rural communities, the private sector, governments, NGOs, academia, and international financial institutions in multi-stakeholder projects, some carried out in multiple countries. Sarah leads all ESG & Sustainability Reporting for CMR and has more than ten years experience leading and managing projects with deliverables from the local to national level. Prior to joining CMR, Sarah was an Assistant Professor in Sustainability Studies at the University of Calgary. 

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