Roderick W.

Grade 10


Meet Roderick.

My name is Roderick W., I am from Thunderchild First Nation. My mom is from Kainai First Nation and my Dad is from Thunderchild First Nation. I am in grade 10. I have lived in Mohkinstsis for most of my life, about 15 years. I have a cultural connection to the Cree side of my family because I was raised with more traditional Cree ceremonies and teachings. Sweats and Sundances have had a significant impact on me because I have been around them for most of my life. After school, I enjoy my day by taking my dog on a walk to clear my mind. I also like to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, finding joy in the creative process of cooking. I also like going to hand games and powwows whenever I can. 

I would like to attend university. I don’t know for what yet. What drew me to this opportunity of presenting at the Forward Summit youth panel was spontaneity and the opportunity to meet new people and make new connections. Unfortunately, I have not been able to support and give back to my community yet. My motivation for this summit is to gain more knowledge and experience about our community and to speak about my topic, which is the effect of pharmaceuticals and the opioid crisis on First Nations Reserves. I want to share that the opioid crisis is going on in our communities and that it is important to acknowledge the effect that pharmaceuticals have had on our people. 

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