Meet René!

René Jeddore

Director of Training and Economic Development

Miawpukek Mi'Kamawey Mawi'omi (Miawpukek First Nation)


René Jeddore is a member of the Miawpukek First Nation (MFN) Indian Band in Newfoundland and Labrador and has been working at the Band administration office since 1997. His first 23 years were spent working across all MFN departments as the Systems Analyst. An opportunity opened late in 2019, and René was interviewed to be the Director of the Training and Economic Development Department, which administers MFN’s post-secondary student support programs and economic development initiatives. This new position required René to begin his MBA at Cape Breton University, which he graduated from in May 2022.  

When René began his new career in January 2021, MFN was in the midst of a purchase of a Motel and Restaurant 150 kilometers north of the community. A few short weeks later, the final purchase was made, and renovations on the business began. The motel opened within six months, and the restaurant opened in February 2022. In addition, MFN also operates a gas bar and convenience/liquor store, a cannabis store, and a building supplies store. 

René’s position has him as a Director with Miawpukek Horizon Maritime Services (MHMS), a 51% Indigenous-owned company in partnership with Horizon Maritime. MHMS is a marine company that owns and operates a polar-class ice breaker that serves many functions. 

René has been working to partner MFN with various service providers. MFN has several signed MOUs, and René is working on several new agreements.  

René is also a member of MFN’s Major Projects committee, which has been negotiating relationships with wind energy and green hydrogen proponents across Takamkuk, the island of Newfoundland. This committee has successfully negotiated agreements with several proponents and continues discussions with others in this sector. 

The Training and Economic Development Department has a team of employees that provides financial and career supports to approximately 180 students across Canada. This program has seen many changes and is constantly evolving to provide the services necessary to an evolving and growing sector.  

In his spare time, René enjoys spending time with his wife, Siobhan, and two sons, Nicholas and Nathan, exploring Newfoundland, traveling afar, and at their cabin near Miawpukek First Nation. 

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