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Raylene Whitford
Canative Energy

Raylene Whitford is a Métis finance professional with a well-established career in the international energy industry.  She is the Director of INDIGI-X and founder of Canative Energy, a social enterprise which supports the economic development of Indigenous communities impacted by the energy sector.  

Her previous leadership positions include directing a company listed on the London Stock Exchange, and directing a USD 42 billion capital efficiency project for an energy company in the Middle East.  She also spent several years working with BP’s Commercial Performance Improvement Unit where she advised on cost optimization projects in Europe and West Africa. 

Raylene is a member of the Deputy Prime Minister’s Women’s Task Force for Economic Recovery and a member of the Deputy Minister’s Advisory Committee for International Trade.   

A Chartered Accountant with an MBA from Aberdeen Business School in the UK, Raylene is completing an interdisciplinary PhD in Indigenous Studies and Business at the University of Alberta. 

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