Cassidy Caron

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President Cassidy Caron
Métis National Council

Cassidy Caron is a Métis woman with roots in the historic Métis communities of Batoche and St. Louis, Saskatchewan. She grew up closely connected to her Métis traditions, heritage and culture and is driven by her family and community values of respect, honesty, collaboration and responsibility. Cassidy is the first elected woman to hold the office of President of the Métis National Council. Cassidy is a Nation-builder. Utilizing the knowledge, skills and perspectives acquired through her formal education, professional and political experiences, as well as through her deep community involvement, Cassidy’s goal is to explore and utilize innovative approaches to community development and Nation-building, which promote effective collaboration. As an entrepreneur, Cassidy has advised and evaluated both provincially and nationally administered programs that aim to serve and support Indigenous peoples and communities across Canada. She has also supported the implementation of initiatives in, by and for Indigenous communities throughout Canada in a variety of sectors—all of which sought to achieve an overarching goal of restoring balance and wellness to Indigenous communities.

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