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Peter Lafontaine
Rainforest Energy Corp

Peter is Chairman of Rainforest Energy Corp which focused on processing waste into renewable biofuels.  He is also focused on building a diversified economy by building a strong, vibrant, healthy technical innovation ecosystem.  


As a young Business Administration student, Peter moved to Alberta in 1977 and was a fur buyer with the Hudson Bay Company.  He took a personal interest in early computers, took programming at UofA, joined Apple Computers for 9 years where he achieved Salesperson of the World and has been bringing technology and business solutions to market ever since.  Peter has worked with industry leaders like Tibco, Sybase, Apple and Microsoft. He failed at retiring 2001. He was a Founder, CEO of Zymeta Media Systems a hardware, software product for bars and restaurants, a video jukebox. It was sold into 600 locations across Canada and was a closed-circuit entertainment system.  

Currently Peter is a strong community contributor using technology and business skills to improve people’s lives. He is an active member of Rainforest Alberta,, a private sector group focused on building a diversified economy, supporting entrepreneurs with technology and innovation. He is a partner with Peer Guidance, providing advice to startups and scaleup companies. He is an active member of Data for Good, ECL Choppers for Charity. and an existing UCP Board Member of Calgary-Bow.  

Think of Peter as a Business Geek using technology and innovation to create jobs, improve the economy and quality of life: His approach to business is purpose driven and profitable. 

Peter is an active snowboarder, Mountain Biker and teaches families how to fish and enjoy the outdoors. He is married to his lifelong partner Leila a leader in the dental industry with to amazing daughters, Brandi the Economist and Amber the Architect. 

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