Peter Lafontaine

Board Chairman

Rainforest Energy Corp

Meet Peter:

Community and Business Builder, Innovator, Technology Leader, Entrepreneur.

Peter (Pete) is Board Chairman of Rainforest Energy Corporation, focused on building a new multi- billion-dollar clean fuels business. The proven process takes waste from forestry and agriculture (not crops) and produces green (no benzene or sulfur) gasoline. The facilities will be built in rural areas in partnership with indigenous communities.

He works with or volunteers to help entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses or organizations. He is a partner in Peer Guidance a business mentoring team, Business Advisor with Intergen and is a 6 year champion of Rainforest Alberta a movement focused on building a diversified economy by building a strong technical innovation ecosystem in Alberta.

Peter moved to Alberta in 1976 as a fur buyer with the Hudson Bay Company. He took a personal interest in early computers, took programming at UofA and landed a job with Apple Computers in 1983. He has been bringing technology and business solutions to market ever since. Peter has worked with industry leaders like Apple and Microsoft. He was a Founder, CEO of Zymeta Media Systems. Currently Peter is a strong community contributor using technology and business skills to improve people’s lives.

Think of Peter as a business geek using technology and innovation to create jobs, improve the economy and improve quality of life. His personal moto is: Happy, Healthy, Wealthy in that exact order, that happens to be core to one if his favorite words, prosperity. He believes the journey is the reward. His mission is to build organizations that combine purpose and profitability with strong effective teams.
Peter is an active snowboarder, Mountain Biker and Teaches families how to fish and enjoy the outdoors. He is married to his lifelong partner Leila with two amazing daughters, Brandi the Economist and Amber the Architect

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