Meet Paul!

Paul Bercier

Former Environment and Economic Development Advisor, Negotiator

Métis Nation of Alberta


Paul is a retired Canadian Armed Forces Logistics Officer who served for 16 years and received several medals, including the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal, for his service. After leaving the military, he became part owner and manager of an Oil & Gas Well Testing start-up company, which he helped expand to Western Canada and Northern USA. He then spent four years in the research and development of a surface data acquisition system for downhole data monitoring and pipeline activities. He also worked on northern offshore production testing operations, and pipeline activities.

In 1992, Paul shifted his focus to the environment and spent the next five years researching and developing technologies and processes for the remediation of contamination using indigenous bacteria species. He then joined the Métis Nation of Alberta (MNA) in 1997 as the nation’s Environment and Economic Development Advisor, where he has been involved in several successful initiatives, including the acquisition of Métis Crossing, a drilling rig in partnership with Western Lakota Energy, and real estate.

Paul has also been a strong proponent of Métis economic potential and has been a leader in Métis economic development from an entrepreneurial perspective. Currently, he is representing the MNA as negotiator for the Chinook Pathways partnership of 33 Indigenous Communities and Pembina Pipelines in the endeavour to acquire The Trans Mountain Pipeline. He is also developing the human and resource database for the 22 MNA Districts established under the recent Government of Canada approval of the Metis Nation of Alberta Self Governance Agreement and its Constitution.

Paul’s experience, vision and insights have, and will continue to be, invaluable, in the evolving post- constitution economic development planning of MNA.

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