Meet Patrick!

Patrick Kitchen

Creative Director


Patrick is a Métis creative and for the past 20+ years he has filled his resume with as many exciting adventures as possible. He learned his craft as a painter, production artist, designer, art director, and creative director. He has a passion for the whole picture and likes to be involved in every aspect of the job from conception to execution helping clients send the right message to the right people, creating original ideas and supporting those ideas with top-notch design and impeccable execution. Patrick’s goal is to help clients think about the big picture and work together to create a plan for clear, concise communications. His expertise includes; brand strategy, messaging development, marketing consulting, identity design, print collateral, website design, advertising and creative. With a passion for all things Canadian, Patrick has lived and worked in British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories and Ontario. Each one of these places has left a mark on Patrick’s strategic approach to solving creative challenges. He believes that each client experience presents itself as a unique question that deserves a great answer. 

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