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Miles Jolliffe
Consultant Entrepreneur
Indigenous Relations

Miles Jolliffe is the Founder and CEO of Kinetic Canada LP, an early-stage Indigenous start-up with an innovative solution that provides access to capital for Indigenous equity participation in the Canadian natural resource and infrastructure sectors, using public markets. Kinetic Canada’s solution creates a platform that enables true partnership between the companies that operate in Canada’s natural resource and infrastructure sectors and the Indigenous groups that are affected by development or continued operations.

As registered Professional Engineer, and who has worked for 20 years in the field of Indigenous Relations helping achieve inclusion, participation and benefits for Indigenous peoples during the development, regulatory approval and construction of large energy projects in Western Canada. Miles’ passion is working directly with affected Indigenous communities, businesses and Peoples across a number of capacities including consultation and accommodation, design modification, project management, contracting and procurement, regulatory compliance and Project Agreement implementation. Miles is Inuvialuit, with a strong connection to the Mackenzie Delta region of Canada’s Northwest Territories. He currently lives in Calgary, with his young family. A self-described “lifelong learner”, Miles graduated from Simon Fraser University’s Executive MBA program, with a focus on Indigenous Business and Leadership and is a Fellow at the Energy futures lab.

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