Meet Miles!

Miles Jolliffe

Principal Consultant

Kinetic Canada


Miles Jolliffe (MBA, P.Eng) is an accomplished professional engineer with extensive experience in energy, particularly in working with Indigenous businesses and communities in the planning, estimating, and strategic planning of major projects. With over 20 years of experience in major projects, Miles has established himself as a leader in the field of project management and progressive Indigenous relations. 


Throughout his career, Miles has developed a strong passion for creating mutual benefits with Indigenous communities, and has worked extensively with Indigenous communities in establishing and implementing impact benefits agreements for major projects. He is currently working as a consultant providing business planning and advisory services to Indigenous communities and businesses, including economic analysis, business planning, and strategy development. 


As a lifelong learner, Miles is always looking for opportunities to expand his knowledge and expertise. He is deeply committed to the principles of reconciliation and has a strong passion for the work that he does. He firmly believes that equitable partnerships with Indigenous communities are crucial for the success of any project and is dedicated to ensuring that these partnerships are established and maintained in Canadian major projects. 

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