Meet Michelle!

Michelle Fournie

Manager, Iniikokaan Centre

Bow Valley College


Michelle Fournie (she/her/hers) is a proud member of the Metis Nation Region 3, a mother, auntie, cousin, wife and friend. Her Blackfoot name is Tátsikikkónamaan’ikkitstakiaakii (Centre Pole Offering Woman). Named Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40 for her work and dedication to eradicating barriers in education for Indigenous Peoples, she has served as a member of the Government of Alberta’s Metis Women’s Economic Security Council and Calgary City Council’s Aboriginal Advisory Committee. Michelle is also a trained facilitator through the Metis Centre for Excellence, Rupertsland Institute; and works with local K-12 schools on increasing their knowledge of resources for curriculum, community engagement and Indigenization goals. Michelle is completing a graduate degree this summer in educational research with a focus in community-led Indigenization of colonizes spaces. Michelle has aligned her calling and vocation as the Manager of the Iniikokaan Centre (Buffalo Lodge) at Bow Valley College, is the founder of Sacred Four Communications Consulting, and is the co-chair of the Indigenous Gathering Place Society of Calgary. She is excited to discuss the role education plays in Metis economic development, and the reconciliatory efforts needed to support success, as defined by the Metis. 

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