Meet Lauren!

Lauren Kelly

Director, Sector Transformation

First Nations Technology Council


Lauren Kelly is a researcher and non-profit executive with over 15 years of academic and community-based experience in creating the enabling conditions for systemic change towards Reconciliation and racial justice. Currently Lauren leads the First Nations Technology Council’s Sector Transformation team focused on transforming the technology and innovation sector to ensure that Indigenous peoples, worldviews and leadership shape the digital future. Lauren convenes multi-sector communities of practice wherein Indigenous organizations, skills and training providers, academia, government and industry partners across Canada work together to drive change that addresses root causes of systemic oppression, discrimination and exclusion. Lauren holds a Master’s degree in Indigenous Governance, where her studies focused on the role of aspiring allyship in the Indigenous rights and anti-racism movements. Through her work in and outside of the Technology Council, Lauren brings this critical discourse around colonialism, white supremacy, and responsibility in allyship to partners seeking to participate meaningfully in tangible and measurable Reconciliation. 

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