Meet Josh!

Josh Montana

Vice President of Stewardship & Relations



Josh is a young man from George Gordon First Nation, located in Treaty 4 territory of Saskatchewan. Josh attended post secondary in California on a baseball scholarship and completed an associates degree in commerce and bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is very passionate about the work he involves himself with. Josh has spent the last 6 years of his career in the oil, gas, potash, and renewable energy sector in Canada. Josh has provided leadership in operations, engagement, governance, economic development, and Indigenous relations. During his career He has led multiple engagement projects with the federal government, provincial governments, multi-national industry companies, Indigenous Nations, and City councils in western Canada. through this work he has been able to create meaningful relationships and meet tons of great people throughout our country. In his current position, Vice President of Stewardship and Relations at Wicehtowak Limnos Consulting Services. He is responsible for overseeing day to day operations within our firm, engaging governments, proponents, and potential partners to ensure Indigenous stewardship obligations are exercised to full ability. Josh has felt great value during his role and had success in creating Indigenous capacity and inclusion in the industry that he works in. Josh has experience in and overseeing Environmental disciplines of Soils, Aquatics, water, and wildlife. Josh started his career as in Environmental monitor within WLCS and worked his way up the ladder throughout the years to the position he is today. this has allowed Josh to gain valuable experience through my few years in this industry. Josh is a firm believer in hard work, dedication, doing things the right way, and most importantly protecting and exercising Indigenous rights. If you have met Josh, you know that he is an outgoing, intelligent, and fun individual. Besides his professional life, Josh is an athlete and former member of our Canadian National Fastpitch team. He has been able to travel the world and play the game he loves. Josh lives an active and healthy lifestyle. Josh is a father, an outdoorsman, speaker, entrepreneur, and wears many hats outside his work life. 

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