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Jon Horsman
ATB Financial
Senior Executive Vice President, Business

Jon Horsman, MBA Senior Executive Vice President, Business, ATB Financial and CEO, ATB Capital Markets Jon is responsible for the strategy, direction and leadership of ATB’s presence in business markets. ATB has brought together Corporate Financial Services, Business & Agriculture and ATB Capital Markets, formerly AltaCorp Capital to build on our history of being in service to Alberta businesses and to deliver value, expertise and advice to our customers. He also oversees the management and financial performance of ATB Capital Markets, a subsidiary of ATB Financial, which provides capital market solutions for institutional and corporate clients. Jon started his banking career with ATB over 18 years ago and has held increasingly senior roles, including Co-Head of Corporate Financial Services (CFS) and Chairman & CEO of AltaCorp Capital. Jon believes in building strong relationships with the markets ATB serves, listening and responding to client needs, and supporting their success by providing tailored and comprehensive financial-service solutions that create a positive customer experience. Jon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Honours) from Gonzaga University and a Master of Business Administration from the Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta. 

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