Leadership Council

John Blanchette

Community and Indigenous Engagement Advisor

Meet John:

As a member of the North Bay/Mattawa Algonquin First Nation, John was born and raised in the unceded Algonquin territory located within the Mattawa and Ottawa River watershed. A strong believer in showing respect for the land, he as always supported sustainable use of environmental resources through an indigenous value system lens.

To incorporate modern practices of nature conservation, he sought out an education as Forest Technician. After years of training John went on to work within the natural resource sector. His experiences focused on Sustainable Forest Management, Natural Resource Law Enforcement, Forest Fire Management and Fish and Wildlife habitat restoration in Eastern Canada.

With his experiences, John went on to work in Western Canada for the oil and gas industry. Working within this sector, he focused on Land Reclamation, various contractor services, and then creating business development opportunities for numerous Indigenous Communities.

Now working as a Community and Indigenous Engagement Advisor for Enbridge, John sees his experiences have now gone full circle. Being part of a transformative team working towards the implementation of the free, prior, and informed consent principle for major project development. John sees the future potential of Indigenous-driven project developments and continues to support that their rights and title interests are continually protected.

John sees himself as part of the natural world respects his place within it. This is reflected in his personal relationships and how he always tries to live his best life.


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