Meet Jan-Marie!

Jan-Marie Prato

Director of Operations for Employer Services

Acclaim Ability Management


Jan-Marie holds the position of Director of Operations for Employer Services at Acclaim Ability Management, with an impressive two-decade career dedicated to ability management and occupational safety. With extensive experience across various industries, she has been a trusted advisor to employers dealing with both occupational and non-occupational concerns. Jan-Marie’s credentials include her role as a certified Disability Management Professional and a Certified Return to Work Coordinator, credentials granted by the esteemed National Institute of Disability Management and Research (NIDMAR). Her passion lies in championing mental health support for employees, and she has been instrumental in designing and implementing programs that provide crucial access to care, offering support throughout employees’ wellness journeys. In addition to her expertise in disability management, Jan-Marie is a strong advocate for occupational health and safety. She fully grasps the significance of fostering a corporate culture that prioritizes the health and safety of its workforce. Her insights and initiatives have significantly contributed to promoting safety practices within organizations. Jan-Marie’s wealth of experience, coupled with her dedication and advocacy, makes her an influential voice in the fields of ability management and occupational safety

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