Meet James!

James Hiebert


Medical Surgical & Safety (MSS)


At the helm of MSS stands James Hiebert, a generational Indigenous leader distinguished not only by his lineage, but also by his unwavering commitment to reconciliation and Indigenous empowerment. Grounded in a deep understanding of cultural awareness and identity, Hiebert has passionately championed the ideals of supply chain equity and health equity, making MSS a beacon of realization for self-determination in the modern age. 

MSS, under Hiebert’s astute leadership, boasts a formidable and diverse supply chain, encompassing global manufacturers. This is a testament to his vision of blending traditional Indigenous values with contemporary global practices. Hiebert’s commitment transcends mere business excellence. For him, job creation and sparking new economic opportunities are more than goals; they are avenues to propel the Indigenous community forward. His initiatives aim to generate sustainable revenues, which in turn will further advance the journey toward self-determination and economic independence for Indigenous peoples. 

Hiebert’s legacy is not only about today but also about laying the foundation for a brighter, more independent future for Indigenous generations to come. His leadership at MSS is an embodiment of his dedication to that cause. 

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