Meet Jade!

Jadelyn Psutka

Senior Manager, Indigenous Enablement & Recruitment

KPMG National Inclusion & Diversity Team


Jadelyn Psutka is of mixed ancestry, Haudenosaunee and Eastern European. She is Oneida Nation of the Thames from the Turtle Clan and currently resides in Gatineau, Quebec. She is part of the KPMG National Inclusion & Diversity team as the Senior Manager, Indigenous Enablement & Recruitment. She works closely with recruitment teams and business partners to ensure equity in the hiring process and increase Indigenous perspectives at the core of the organization.  

Jadelyn’s educational background is in Criminology but she soon found a passion for Human Resources as a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier and Ryerson University. She has had the pleasure of working with an Indigenous not-for-profit, then transitioning to Corporate Canada. Taking learnings from community to advocate for meaningful consultation, deeper understanding and inclusion in all aspects of business.   

Outside of KPMG she sits on the board of Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth as the Director of Talent Development.

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