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Becoming an Ally with the Legacy of Hope Foundation

We are proud to partner with the Legacy of Hope Foundation, our official charity. With their help we are committed to providing resources that support education and raise awareness of Indigenous history and its impact on Canada.

Who is the Legacy of Hope Foundation?

The Legacy of Hope Foundation is a national, Indigenous-led, charitable organization that has been working to promote healing and Reconciliation in Canada for over 23 years, and Forward Summit’s official nominated charity.

Their goal is to educate Canadians about the history and existing intergenerational impacts from attending the Residential and Day School and/or being involved in the Child Welfare System on Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit, Métis) Survivors, their families, and communities.

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Amplifying Awareness with Your Support:

The LHF offers multiple resources and tools including access to 30 educational exhibitions designed to raise awareness of Indigenous history, 
Activity Guides, Workshops and Training sessions, Podcasts and more to help with the promotion and education of Residential and Day Schools, the Sixties Scoop, and other acts of colonization. The resources and tools are accessible on their website. We have a curated selection of key offerings detailed below for your convenience:

Legacy of Hope Foundation Resources:

Explore the Legacy of Hope Foundation’s educational resources to advance awareness of Canada’s Indigenous history. Please explore these options to find out how you can start:

A Toolkit for Aspiring Allies

This Guide has been developed by the Legacy of Hope Foundation (LHF) to walk you through some suggestions on how to be a great ally. Feel free to use it to start your journey towards becoming an advocate for Reconciliation and addressing ongoing injustice.

Sponsorable Cultural & Financial Workshops

Sponsor and host free cultural reclamation, fraud prevention, and financial literacy workshops in your community or across Canada.

Legacy of Hope Foundation Resource

Host a transformative exhibition for FREE and with the help of the LOHF, and Immerse your community in a museum-like experience with powerful testimonies from Indigenous Survivors.

Practicing allyship is one of the key steps we can take to positively influence the socio economics outcomes for Indigenous Peoples. The LHF has developed this toolkit to offer some practical action you can take to successfully partner with Indigenous Peoples. This is a wonderful opportunity for Canadians to learn the true history of Indigenous Peoples, acknowledge what happened and make sure it never happens again. Together, we can create a brighter tomorrow for future generations

- Teresa Edwards, LoHF Executive Director & In-House Legal Counsel.
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Work With The LHF

To learn more about hosting an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training session, a Workshop, or an Exhibition in your workplace. Contact the Legacy of Hope Foundation below


Support Reconciliation

The LHF has educated and inspired thousands of people across Canada and, with your generous support, they will continue to reach thousands more. To donate, click on the link below!

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Get your Allyship Toolkit

Please complete the form to receive the Legacy of Hope Foundation’s Allyship Toolkit.

Empowering a Local Communities with Cultural and Financial Workshops

The Legacy of Hope Foundation will collaborate with you to offer free cultural reclamation, fraud prevention, and financial literacy. These sessions can be hosted in your local area, or community. 

If you are interested in hosting one in your community, or want more information about how this could benefit you and your local community, connect with the Legacy of Hope Foundation by filling out the form below:

Work together with the LOHF to host a transformative exhibition for FREE.

The Legacy of Hope Foundation has produced more than thirty groundbreaking exhibitions on the Residential School and Day School Systems, the Sixties Scoop, and other topics that promote healing and encourage acts of Reconciliation. They provide a unique, museum-like experience that include first-hand testimonies of Indigenous Survivors. 

LHF exhibitions are available for loan for free, can be shipped anywhere in Canada and are available in both French and English. . If you are interested in hosting, please fill out the below to be contacted by the LOHF team.