Heather Wolf Ear

Indigenous Engagement Program Manager 


Meet Heather:

“As a dedicated Indigenous HR professional hailing from the Treaty 7 territory, specifically the Siksika First Nation, I bring a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to fostering meaningful opportunities and growth within Indigenous communities through strategic initiatives. Throughout my career, I have spearheaded the development and execution of innovative workplace development programs, launching initiatives that successfully integrate Indigenous first-year apprentices into various trades. This work not only underscores my expertise in program development but also my dedication to creating pathways for Indigenous talent.

My role extends beyond program development; I have cultivated and maintained strong partnerships with Indigenous communities across Canada, positioning myself as a trusted advisor and the primary point of contact for communities seeking employment opportunities for their members. These relationships are built on mutual respect, understanding, and a shared goal of enhancing employment opportunities for Indigenous peoples.

A hallmark of my career has been the drafting and execution of Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with key stakeholders, including the Siksika First Nation, Big River First Nation, and Koda Cree Ltd. These MOUs lay the groundwork for a comprehensive support and opportunity, emphasizing my approach to fostering collaboration and mutual growth between organizations and Indigenous communities.

My efforts have significantly contributed to increasing Indigenous engagement rates in the workforce, a testament to my skills in relationship management and strategic HR planning. I am proud of the role I have played in not just advancing Indigenous representation in the trades but also in championing the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the workplace.

As I continue my journey, I remain committed to leveraging my expertise to benefit Indigenous communities, advocate for meaningful employment opportunities, and contribute to the creation of inclusive and supportive work environments for all.”

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