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Hundreds gathered at Forward Summit in Calgary to explore opportunities for economic prosperity between Indigenous and industry thought-leaders. Over 500 Chiefs, business owners, economic development officers and reconciliation champions from major sectors attended three days of panels, roundtables and workshops. Forward Summit was truly unique and the discussions taken place and the relationships built on the show floor will be critical to long-term partnerships and major projects in Canada.

The Forward Together Research Report documented key learnings and themes that surfaced throughout Forward Summit, based on the topics discussed and the feedback provided by those who attended.

Report Contributors

Thank you to the many hands who have helped contribute, review and support the making of this report including the Forward Summit Co-Chairs and Leadership Council.

Forward Summit Under Construction

Findings for the Forward Together Research Report were collected during the inaugural Forward Summit. A gathering of Indigenous communities, industry leaders and reconciliation champions were gathered to discuss important issues related to economic prosperity for Indigenous People.  

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