Former Chief Billy Morin

Managing Director
Axxcelus Capital Advisory

Meet Former Chief Billy:

William ‘Billy’ Morin (Nahtokitopi – Rides a Sacred Horse), The Cree name for Enoch is Maskêkosihk (pronounced Muss-Kay-Go-Sik) and translates as ‘people of the land of medicine’. 

Since being elected into leadership I have striven to provide transparency and accountability to the Nation, and as we enter into a new era of challenges and opportunities, leadership will continue to build on the current the momentum of growth for the Enoch Cree Nation’s members.

Ultimately, my priorities for Enoch Cree Nation include,

Economic development that benefits Enoch and it’s members

Creating a new governance structure away from the Indian Act towards sovereignty

Financial transparency and accountability

Long-term community planning in land use, health, housing and infrastructure

Life long learning and education as a primary value among membership

Traditional Cree culture, language and ceremony revival

Empowerment of Enoch’s people – moving away from dependency

As we move forward, I am excited and grateful to serve the people of Maskêkosihk, and lead Enoch toward a self-sufficient, unified, and prosperous Nation.

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