First Nations Major Project Coalition to support $300 million First Nation led project

The First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) continues to bridge a major industry gap by providing the proper capacity for it’s growing Indigenous members to deliver on major projects throughout Canada.

Highlighted by their newest video, The Time is Now, the Major Projects Coalition demonstrates the ability to equip First Nations with access to tools and capacity necessary to make informed business decisions.

Most recently, the FNMPC has helped support the planning of a major $300 million hydro-electric project near Prince George, B.C. This marks the first project of its kind in Canada that will bring four neighbouring First Nations Communities for a project of this scale. The communities involved as well as private partners such as BluEarth Renewables Inc. are excited about the economic and social impacts that a community led project will provide.

Supporting First Nations Communities across Canada and providing the capacity for them to make informed business decisions is how the FNMPC provides tremendous value to their members. We look forward to having the FNMPC represented at Forward Summit and contributing to the conversation on how Canada can continue to work collaboratively with Indigenous Communities.

Learn more about First Nations Major Projects Coalition by watching “The Time is Now” video below.

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