Presentation: Spotlight on mental health and entrepreneurship





Join ATB’s Kim Smith, Shannon Pestun, Eaglestar Enterprises’ owner Hal Eagletail, and Delilah Mah, owner of BravHer Consulting for an in-depth conversation and exploration of mental health and entrepreneurship.

The Canadian economy is reliant on small business, making entrepreneurship the backbone of the nation.  Starting and owning your own business carries with it unique pressures unlike any other professional role, shouldering personal risk, working longer hours and encountering higher stress challenges. Ensuring the mental health and wellness of entrepreneurs is something we have to come together and commit to as a community.

With more people than ever choosing to pursue the entrepreneurial journey, and more Indigenous Peoples starting their own companies than ever before, it’s important we acknowledge the important role that mental wellness plays in business.


In this vulnerable conversation around mental health and entrepreneurship, our panelists will share their personal insights and experiences to help create awareness on how positive mental health of entrepreneurs contributes to Canada’s social and economic prosperity, the struggles that entrepreneurs face and why it’s important we come together to support those who pursue entrepreneurship.


February 28 @ 13:15
1:15 pm — 2:00 pm (45′)

Glen Rooms

Delilah Mah, Hal Eagletail, Kim Smith, Shannon Pestun

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