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Eugene Badger
Chief Operations Officer
Pimee Well Servicing

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Eugene S. Badger – Chief Operations Officer  with Pimee Well Servicing, living on the Kehewin Cree nation. 59 years young. 

Eugene started his oilfield experience since high school (1981), working during summer job opportunities such as Tubular / Casing inspection. Drilling rig casing runs including various shop / yard work. 

Eugene’s interest became vibrant when he landed a job building service rigs with a company based out of Edmonton, Alberta named KREMCO. Soon thereafter Eugene applied for a job with Pimee on August 6, 1985 and started off as a junior floorhand, he’s worked through the ranks as a derrickman, driller, rig manager, field supervisor and presently the Chief Operations Officer. 

Eugene’s role is vital to ensure that the business operations are running a smooth as possible in all aspects of the business; he also assists the Chief Executive Officer pertaining to certain decision making. 

Eugene’s passion has always been about the people that work for Pimee, he believes the people are the backbone of the business and he knows the firm amount of commitment it takes to work in the service rig industry, this volatile industry comes with various number of daily obstacles such as long travel routes to get to work and back home. Working in inclement weather but foremost to balance the home fire and the family is taken care of considering the long hours away from the family.  

Eugene leads his team with high regards and standards, ensures all teams members conclude with common understandings towards achievements and goals, Focus areas pertain to safety and continuous improvement, team vision is nobody gets hurt and to generate ideas to accommodate moderate human ergonomics. 

Eugene’s likes are golfing, fishing, attending rodeo events and spending quality family time especially the grandchildren. Indigenous ceremonies are where I build my strengths on my culture and beliefs. 

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