Devin Gambler

Principal Owner

Pamihtâw Consulting Inc.

Meet Devin:

Devin Gambler stands as a testament to the power of dedication, cultural knowledge, and visionary leadership in the realm of Business and Economic Development. As the Principal Owner of Pamihtâw Consulting Inc., Devin brings over two decades of rich experience, he hails from the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern Alberta. His journey is a blend of traditional wisdom and modern business acumen, making him a unique and influential figure in the industry.

With a career spanning 20 years, Devin has been at the forefront of significant economic transformations, contributing to projects valued at over $1.68 billion across Canada. His expertise lies in navigating the complex landscape of business development, where he skillfully merges traditional First Nations perspectives with contemporary economic strategies. He worked in leadership roles with local First Nations such as CEO of Bonaparte Indian Band, Manager of Business & Economic Development/KIBDC – Tk’emlups te Secwepmec & recently has retained clients from Simpcw First Nation and Neskonlith Indian Band.

Currently, Devin completed his MBA in 2023 from Thompson Rivers University (TRU). This academic pursuit reflects his commitment to continuous learning and leadership excellence. The MBA program has equipped him with advanced skills in strategic planning, leadership, and project management, further solidifying his role as a dynamic leader in his field.

At Pamihtâw Consulting Inc., Devin’s leadership is characterized by a forward-thinking approach, underpinned by the values of integrity, community, and sustainability. His work is recognized by his peers and awards for Innovation & Excellence as well as Inclusivity. Devin Gambler is not just a business leader; he is a visionary, shaping a future where economic development is inclusive, sustainable, and deeply respectful of Indigenous cultural heritage.

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