Connecting Canada’s Climate Policy Network

Climate Initiatives

The Canadian Climate Law Initiative has performed extensive research into Climate Policy and Indigenous rights. Their free e-book, Reflections on Connecting Canada’s Climate Policy Network, is available for download. 

The value of Indigenous perspectives on environmental stewardship is a fundamental cornerstone to developing climate-related policies. It follows that integrating Indigenous laws and ethics into Canadian climate governance is crucial. The impact of colonialism can and should serve as lessons to inspire future decision-making. The deep connections Indigenous knowledge brings to environmental stewardship can be seen as a launchpad for policy. A Climate Policy Network that connects various legal systems results in a more holistic approach to sustainability practices.

Four key areas are explored in the e-book:

  1. Social aspects of Climate Policy
  2. Political aspects of Climate Policy
  3. Governance & Philosophy
  4. Political aspects of Reconciliation

Explore the deep dive and recommendations for incorporating Indigenous ethics into a Canadian climate policy network.

Access the digital publication for free.

This is the sixth version of a book about the Canadian Consortium for Performance and Politics in the North, published in July 2023.

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