Forward Together Research Report in Collaboration with Canada West Foundation

Forward Summit Releases Forward Together Research Report in Collaboration with Canada West Foundation

As Indigenous communities continue to make significant gains in economic independence, there are opportunities to advance new partnerships, discover opportunities for change and support relationships with industry leaders, according to a new report released by the Canada West Foundation today.

Forward Together: Key learnings from Forward Summit on empowering Indigenous economies, summarizes the outcomes of Forward Summit, which was held in Calgary from February 26-28, 2019. The summit brought together community leaders, influencers and business professionals for an exchange of knowledge that was intended to lead to strengthened relationships, economic development and economic reconciliation.

The report identifies key themes that resulted from the conversations at the event, in many cases, using quotes from participants to tell stories in their own words. The report is intended to provide a foundation for new conversations, ideas and a potential action plan. It isn’t intended to be a comprehensive study of economic participation and reconciliation in Canada.

“Economic development and investment in the Indigenous economy is a permanent and long-term solution, which could resolve the numerous problems that Indigenous communities face.” – JP Gladu, Co-Chair, Forward Summit

“When Indigenous communities thrive, Canadians thrive. We must journey this path forward together as good business partners, colleagues and neighbours.” – Chief Charles Weaselhead, Co-Chair, Forward Summit

Click here to download the Forward Together Research Report

Forward Summit is an Indigenous-led, multi-day conference dedicated to advancing economic partnerships, discovering opportunities for change and supporting national relationships between Canada’s industry leaders and Indigenous Communities.

Forward Summit seeks to assist in the fulfillment of Recommendation #92 of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action, which specifically calls on the corporate sector.

The Canada West Foundation focuses on the policies that shape the West, and by extension, Canada. We provide practical solutions to tough public policy challenges facing the West and Canada as a whole, at home and on the global stage.

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