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Colleen Sherry
GLJ Ltd.
Vice President, Sustainability

Colleen Sherry is the current and inaugural Vice President, Sustainability, at GLJ Ltd. GLJ is a global energy consultancy based in Calgary, Alberta, that is rapidly expanding their advisory capacity in decarbonization, energy transition, responsible production certification, and emerging technologies. In partnership with CMR Consulting, they have formed Transformative Sustainability & ESG to offer an integrated and holistic reporting service. Transformative Sustainability & ESG is uniquely staffed to offer an inclusive, strategic and technical narrative to raise awareness of your Sustainability and ESG commitments and impacts. Colleen is a sustainability, geotechnical and business strategy specialist with more than 25 years of operational and leadership experience, largely in the energy and natural resource extraction sectors. Her expertise has supported client sustainability strategy assessment and development in numerous jurisdictions around the world. Colleen holds a BSc in Geology with a minor in Geophysics from the University of Calgary, an MSc in Earth Sciences from the University of Ottawa, an MBA jointly from Queen’s University and Cornell University, and an MSL (Master of Sustainability Leadership) from Arizona State University. In addition to her work with GLJ, she serves as an Academic Associate with the School of Sustainability at ASU, providing online sustainability education to a global student cohort. Colleen is a member of ISSP, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals and CSPG, the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists. 

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