Meet Clinton!

Clinton Belcher

Canadian Ecotourism Services

President & Chief Executive Officer


As an Indigenous person from South Africa, Clinton brings an innovative approach to community tourism development gained through his entrepreneurial abilities and community driven tourism ventures such as cultural infrastructure projects, tourism strategies, business planning, technology, and product development. As founder and CEO, he has operated Canadian Ecotourism Services for 25 years, providing sustainable economic development solutions with a social conscience.

Clinton works across Canada and internationally to develop Indigenous tourism projects ranging from individual grassroots efforts to large scale community developments. He is motivated and understanding of cultural keepers and entrepreneurs and their importance to the sustainability of Indigenous tourism. He is thankful for the opportunity to learn from and empower community champions that believe cultural preservation is central to a vibrant and sustainable community. He believes all good ideas start with a conversation and are brought to life by the willingness of the human spirit.

As a speaker Clinton has delivered over 300 interactive workshops to small, medium, and large corporate and community groups on various tourism development models; and has presented as a keynote speaker at many tourism conferences.


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