Meet Casey!

Casey Gransden

Manager of Human Resources and Well-Being

Legacy of Hope Foundation


As an individual whose grandmother attended the Residential School System. I have been personally impacted by and understand the effects of intergenerational trauma and the needs to address the calls for action across Canada.

I currently work as the Human Resources and Well-Being Manager at the Indigenous-led not-for-profit Legacy of Hope Foundation, I have dedicated the majority of my career to empowering Indigenous Peoples and promoting reconciliation. With years of experience teaching and coaching employability skills, I have helped many Indigenous Peoples find meaningful work and helped to return their light and belief in their spirit. I also coordinated many work placements with employers, ensuring that both the participants and the employers benefit from the experience. During this process I have many times raised awareness with employers on Indigenous issues and created open conversation on how things for Indigenous employees may have many differences from a standard HR viewpoint. 

At the conference, I look forward to sharing my insights and experiences for creating inclusive, healthy and supportive workplaces that value Indigenous ways of being. 

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