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Carl Archie
Canim Lake Band

I am an accomplished Indigenous strategist with a truly global perspective. My views are grounded in my knowledge and experience as a Secwepemc person. I was elected as a Councillor of the Canim Lake Band on three principles: Xeteqs re Secwepemc (Secwepemc First), Nekwetsin (Speaking with One Voice), and Ckwenemtentwecw (Finding a Shared Path). I was recently responsible for advancing the interests of the Secwepemc Nation in the Columbia River Treaty, an international treaty between Canada and the US. With my strategy, the Secwepemc Nation has achieved a seat as observers at the international negotiations. It is a precedent setting achievement. Through various roles, I have gained experience in First Nations’ finance, business development, commercial land development, and strategic planning. I have managed multi-million dollar business portfolios with a track-record of growing the business and delivering results. Having worked from Coast to Coast, my experiences provide a unique perspective on First Nations’ community development. As a Secwepemc person, my fluency in the language and culture distinguish me among professionals. 

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