Meet Aroha!

Aroha Dorset

Aotearoa Lead



Aroha is an accomplished business owner and community leader with a passion for supporting Indigenous communities. With a strong background in business ownership and working with iwi owned organisations, Aroha has a deep understanding of the cultural and social issues that affect Māori. Aroha has extensive experience in governance, having served on boards for the past five years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to the table and has a proven track record of making strategic decisions that benefit organisations and the communities they represent. In addition to her work in the business world, Aroha has also made significant contributions to the non-profit sector. She has set up several organisations that are dedicated to supporting Māori business owners, whanau and tamariki and has been instrumental in ensuring that these organisations are effective and sustainable. Aroha’s commitment to supporting Māori and Indigenous has seen her appointed as Aotearoa Lead for INDIGI-X, an organisation that is focused on facilitating the connection of Indigenous Changemakers around the world, while encouraging collaboration and economic growth. 

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