Meet Alec!

Alec Carton

Principal & Founder

Tatâga Inc.


AlecCarton, (Ali Tapaquon) is a Nêhiyaw and Ethiopian relative (he/him/his) whose matrilineal lineage is now in Carry the Kettle, Treaty 4, by way of his mother, Heather 
Tapaquon. His patrilineal heritage stems from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, through his late father, Daoud Mohommed. He is the mîchis (adopted son) of Tatâgagan, Tom Snow, an Îethka Nakoda relative and teacher from Goodstoney First Nation. 
He is dedicated to revitalizing and sharing the rich cultural heritage of his Nêhiyaw and Ethiopian communities. He is an Indigenous, Black, 90s scoop/adoption survivor, and a 
neurodivergent person who strives hard to make his communities and ancestors proud. He is a hunter, gardener, musician, and a helper in his communities with a love for all our animals and plant relatives. Through his life and work as the Principal of Tatâga Inc., an Indigenous Management Consultancy, he has had the opportunity to work across many Nations. Tatâga Inc. is proud to have partnered with top-tier groups like lululemon and the Energy Futures Lab, all with the shared vision of fostering a more equitable future rooted in meaningful and positive relationships. As leading voices in social impact, entrepreneurship, meaningful strategy development, and community action, the Herd at Tatâga Inc. is committed to driving positive change and creating a brighter tomorrow,for all our relations.

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