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Alanna Hnatiw
Sturgeon County

Mayor Alanna Hnatiw was elected Mayor of Sturgeon County in the 2017 election. Currently she is the Chair of the Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB and has recently completed her term as Vice Chair of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board. Mayor Hnatiw comes from four generations of farmers but has spent most of her adult life as a small business owner in the oil and gas service industry. Her focus is on leadership with an open door to residents and an open mind while looking for innovative solutions to current challenges. Mayor Hnatiw is committed to actively strengthening regional relationships and developing a prosperous future for Sturgeon County. Her goal is to support diversification in industry and agriculture and support small businesses. There are many opportunities in Sturgeon County to chart a course for responsible, sustainable development. When not attending to the business of the County, Mayor Hnatiw enjoys time horseback riding, golfing, skiing and yoga. 

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