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Today's youth represent the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. They are among Canada's most precious human resources and will one day inherit the emerging opportunities and unsolved social and economic challenges we face today.

That’s why this year’s Forward Summit is partnering with Actua,  Canada’s leading youth STEM outreach organization, to welcome over 25 passionate and aspiring Indigenous youth from the Calgary Board of Education to connect and engage with Industry partners, learn about exciting career opportunities and participate in discussions on economic reconciliation. 

Before joining the Summit, these youth will have participated in an extensive for-credit land-based STEM camp designed by Actua and the Calgary Board of Educations Indigenous education team to equip Indigenous youth with the in-demand skills and confidence needed to thrive in the future workforce.

Actua's InSTEM program engages Indigenous youth, educators and industry professionals in experiences designed to align Indigenous Knowledge and worldviews with western STEM. The program includes culturally relevant STEM learning experiences for youth, land-based teacher training experiences and opportunities for Indigenous youth and industry mentors to connect and collaborate.

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How it Works...
From May 12-16, Actua will host a 5-day, for-credit land-based STEM camp for 25 Indigenous high school students and 10 teachers from Alberta. The camp will consist of the following:
Land-Based Teacher Training

A 5-day teacher training workshop focused on helping teachers learn how to incorporate Indigenous land-based knowledge into their classroom. Participating teachers will receive an Indigenous Land-Based STEM micro-credential.

Industry Connections

The 25 youth will have the opportunity to participate in Forward Summit as the Forward Summit Youth Delegation, where they'll have the chance to connect with industry professionals and participate in sessions immediately following their STEM land camp. experience.

Indigenous community leaders and Elders have identified land-based learning and education as critical to preserving cultural teachings and helping youth see themselves in STEM. By administering high school credits to youth participating in land-based learning, Actua hopes to improve participation and graduation rates among Indigenous youth.

Together, Actua and Forward Summit believe that aligning Indigenous world views and ways of knowing with the Western education system lays the foundation for Indigenous people’s full participation in Canada's economy and is a fundamental element of reconciliation.
Meet The 2023 Forward Summit Youth Delegation
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